Shout Out and Noodle Salad!

Here’s a big “Ida Foods” shout out to Fully Raw Kristina. I’m going to bring you a lot of “cooked” recipes, but Kristina is one of my food idols – lol. She brings a bright light to the world through great food and vibrant health. She’s always so fun and positive and encouraging. I highly recommend you check her out on YouTube. This recipe in particular is a favorite of mine.

I did go on primarily raw foods following a Master Cleanse a couple of years ago. I loved the energy that I had on raw food; I loved the clarity, I loved just about everything about it. So why am I not “raw” now? Mostly, I don’t like to pigeon hole myself into a box or category. Not in relationships, not in my diet, not in any self-descriptor. I need the freedom where I’m at in my life right now, to be able to eat as I see fit that day. I’m fully vegetarian – I don’t eat any meat – but other than that, I like to keep options open to myself and to keep that flexibility for now. I still very much enjoy raw meals like this one, however.